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  • Pp woven bags, multi-layered flexible packaging,..

Giới thiệu

Specializing in manufacturing - trading and printing packaging products such as PP woven, complex

joining film packaging, packaging Pair Kraft, Packaging Films LDPE unit, HDPE, Jumbo Bag bags foam .... ,

trays plastic boxes, Cardboard Carton boxes, Paper Packaging Dulpex, tea boxes, etc ...

   Served in the Industry: Livestock feed, Fertilizer, plant varieties, Food, Bakery, Aquatic, Veterinary

medicine, Plant Protection, Pharmaceuticals, Agro-pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Apparel ....

- Design and professional printing on all materials.

- Lines of modern technology

- Commitment Competitive prices, assurance quality.


Tam Thanh Packaging "Celebrate Your Brand!"


                   Office: Room 809 - CT9B - Dang Xa Urban Area - Gia Lam - Ha Noi

                    Phone: 043.2005.138                  Fax: 043.2005.138

                    Factory Complex: Xom Bai - Co Loa - Dong Anh - Ha Noi

                    Factory PP Textiles 1: Ngoc Dong - Da Ton - Gia Lam

                    Factory PP Textiles 1: Trang Liet - Binh Giang - Hai Duong

                    Factory PE - HDPE: Minh Khai Village  - Nhu Quynh - Van Lam - Hung Yen


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